I Thota Parameshwar The Founder of    www.tscscbichkunda.in  I  started My  carrier in you tube . my YouTube channel Name “ TSSCSCBICHKUNDA TELANGANA but after a great success. finally  I Started a website named “
www.tscscbichkunda.in ” and decided to share My ideas with the world. I started to  write articles on various topics on my website and finally designed this platform. due to interest in Computer and Technology, I selected to this  website & you tube as a carrier.

tscscbichkunda.in Mission :-

My Mission is a I am provide all about Technical Knowledge, status and funny status sharing thorough my website and I am try to make world’s best tech website to provide real Knowledge in tech field.

My future paln :-

            I plan to avail my website to all VL’S ,In the villages. I want to share my Ideas to all VLE’S.   I am already  started  a office in my Village , I provides  Knowledge how to earn money in online. In my you tube I designed videos in Telugu Language i.e  usefull for the people who don’t know much English & Hindi .
I provides some ideas about Online Applications such as Pan card. Money Transfer, Digital India (Digital Seva) all Services .


For Business Enquiries : tscscbichkunda@gmail.com.ts